Syrush Healthcare is one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical company in India focusing on Dermatology, cosmetology, Diabetology, cardiology, gynaecology, and other segments too. Syrush rooted to the conviction that improvement and innovation in healthcare happen when a company tuned to emerging trends teams up with a passionate community committed to delivering solutions that leverage the latest advancements in medical science.

Empowering Quality care

Our success journey will go a long way by introducing a wide range of products to the market with exceptional quality and advanced formulations. Syrush thinks in generations with a simple approach of looking into things, listening, and doing things better. As a leading pharmaceutical company, we want to contribute to a better tomorrow and make the lives of people better. Our focus is on resources where we can achieve the most engagement in the most strategically important areas: the environment, health, culture, and education.

Our work culture

Syrush aims to create an enabling environment where excellent performance is not coincidence but the result of collective effort of people who have a clear vision and the skills to match. The company considers each person's talents as enduring and unique. To channel this diversity and generate superior performance, there are periodic training and development interventions coupled with follow-through in real work situations. The appraisals while measuring performance and serving as tools for course correction often morph into platforms for competence building specific to the job. The employee benefit and retention strategies are designed to instill self-motivation as well as encourage individual initiative.

Lets make it better

Syrush has a purpose to contribute towards enriching the quality of life of the people. Let's take a pledge together towards promoting initiatives for a Sustainable environment, a healthy society and Positive corporare managment. Let's Join hands and focus on:

Our vision and mission

Our operating philosophy will be guided by the premise that the best way to manage the future is to invent it.

To be present across the entire healthcare delivery vertical through offering patients as well as clinicians a wide choice of therapeutic options that leverage the latest in medical science, we visualize enriching the quality of the lives of all around us.

To offer leading-edge solutions to emerging healthcare problems. Through a constantly evolving product portfolio, we will address the specific needs of every clinical segment.